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Election 2010 - It's my LJ and I'll rant if I want to [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Election 2010 [Aug. 4th, 2010|09:33 pm]

Watching the debate between Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten and Family First candidate Wendy Francis pretty much solidified my opinion that these parties represented the closest and furthest political positions to mine (respectively, just in case anyone was wondering).

I did a bit of an experiment, for interest's sake. What if I took ASP's preferences for the election, then worked out the reverse order of FF's preferences, then averaged the number generated for each candidate. Theoretically the resulting order of candidates would represent a balance between supporting the preferences of my preferred party while undermining the preferences of my least prefered party. Where would the major parties, and other minor parties come in the final list?

For those who are interested in the results*:

1 Australian Sex Party

2 The Greens

3 Secular Party of Australia

4 Socialist Alliance

5 Social Equality Party

6 Communist

7 Group T

8 Australian Democrats

9 Group AE

10 Senator On-Line

11 Carers Alliance

12 Liberal Democrats

13 Australian Labour Party

14 Group R

15 Group AB

16 Group B

17 Group C

18 Group K

19 Group L

20 Group X

21 Group D

22 Ungrouped

23 Group H

24 Equal Parenting

25 Liberal/Nationals

26 Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

27 Climate Skeptics

28 Building Australia

29 One Nation

30 Shooters and Fishers

31 Democratic Labour Party

32 Christian Democratic Party

33 Family First.

As expected, ASP has come first, and Family First, last. Minor parties who I either know I agree with (Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Alliance) or am assuming I would agree with based on name alone (Secular Party) are at the top, with the reverse true for parties I would have assumed I would mostly disagree with (One Nation, Climate Skeptics, Christian Democrats Party). Also as expected, the “Parties That Must Not Be Named” have mostly ended up in the middle, probably because nobody knows who the fuck they are or what they stand for. Seriously, is it that hard to name your party? Even the appearance of a position must help your chances, even if the party name completely belies your policies.

Interestingly, the Greens come in second, inferring that the Left thinks it’s good if people preference highly towards the biggest alternative Party, while the Right seems to see them as a big threat for taking voters who are not voting with the major parties.

Even more interesting is the position of the major parties, with Labor and Liberal being pretty much opposite sides of the group of nobodies but nowhere near the extremes. I still say the whole 2-party system is a case of Giant Douche v Turd Sandwich, but it looks like both the parties represented by my little experiment see the major party traditionally associated with their end of the political spectrum as being the lesser evil when compared to the weaker extremists.

This is interesting because the difficult part of the decision for me with this election has been twofold. Is Labor worse than Liberal, and are the smaller conservative parties worse than the major conservative parties?

So this seems to be the voting strategy suggested by the experiment:

In order:
Minor Parties I know I agree with
Minor Parties I’m not familiar with but my favourite party has preferenced highly and my least favourite has preferenced low
Unnamed Parties
Minor Parties I’m not familiar with but my favourite party has preferenced low and my least favourite has preferenced high
Minor Parties I know I disagree with

Although I may still put Labor last because of that odious little prick, Conroy.



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