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Santacon [Nov. 6th, 2007|12:36 pm]
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[Current Location |North Sydney]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

Santacon is coming!

If you've never been to a Santacon, you should check out the video at this link:


Yes, I am one of the 620 Santae in the video.

First person to find me wins a prize.

No, I haven't decided what the prize will be.

Santacon is like global-scale flashmobbing but everyone is dressed in Santa suits, running around and being incredibly silly, having an almost obscene amount of fun, singing naughty versions of Christmas carols, drinking and generally making a spectacle of themselves.

Sydney, indeed Australia as far as I'm aware, has NEVER had a Santacon. This will be remedied this year.

I don't know that many people in Sydney anymore so to make it really spectacular I'm going to need your help.

Sydneysiders, please turn up on 15 December, and bring your friends, beer money, and a Santa suit ($5 at The Reject Shop). For time and place - watch this space. We won't be advertising (we want to be a step ahead of the fun police) so people will mainly be told by word of mouth. If you're on Facebook, search for the event "Santacon Sydney '07".

Non-Sydneysiders, tell anyone you know in Sydney about this. I also highly recommend you find out if there is one near you and GO! You will be doing yourself a huge favour.

That's all for now.

[User Picture]From: denari
2007-11-06 11:08 am (UTC)
Extra points for female santas in santa hotpants :)
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[User Picture]From: chaoscowboy
2007-11-06 04:36 pm (UTC)
Hope you are warm weather Santas! The beard alone is a roaster!
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