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Election 2010 [Aug. 4th, 2010|09:33 pm]

Watching the debate between Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten and Family First candidate Wendy Francis pretty much solidified my opinion that these parties represented the closest and furthest political positions to mine (respectively, just in case anyone was wondering).

I did a bit of an experiment, for interest's sake. What if I took ASP's preferences for the election, then worked out the reverse order of FF's preferences, then averaged the number generated for each candidate. Theoretically the resulting order of candidates would represent a balance between supporting the preferences of my preferred party while undermining the preferences of my least prefered party. Where would the major parties, and other minor parties come in the final list?

For those who are interested in the results*:

1 Australian Sex Party

2 The Greens

3 Secular Party of Australia

4 Socialist Alliance

5 Social Equality Party

6 Communist

7 Group T

8 Australian Democrats

9 Group AE

10 Senator On-Line

11 Carers Alliance

12 Liberal Democrats

13 Australian Labour Party

14 Group R

15 Group AB

16 Group B

17 Group C

18 Group K

19 Group L

20 Group X

21 Group D

22 Ungrouped

23 Group H

24 Equal Parenting

25 Liberal/Nationals

26 Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

27 Climate Skeptics

28 Building Australia

29 One Nation

30 Shooters and Fishers

31 Democratic Labour Party

32 Christian Democratic Party

33 Family First.

As expected, ASP has come first, and Family First, last. Minor parties who I either know I agree with (Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Alliance) or am assuming I would agree with based on name alone (Secular Party) are at the top, with the reverse true for parties I would have assumed I would mostly disagree with (One Nation, Climate Skeptics, Christian Democrats Party). Also as expected, the “Parties That Must Not Be Named” have mostly ended up in the middle, probably because nobody knows who the fuck they are or what they stand for. Seriously, is it that hard to name your party? Even the appearance of a position must help your chances, even if the party name completely belies your policies.

Interestingly, the Greens come in second, inferring that the Left thinks it’s good if people preference highly towards the biggest alternative Party, while the Right seems to see them as a big threat for taking voters who are not voting with the major parties.

Even more interesting is the position of the major parties, with Labor and Liberal being pretty much opposite sides of the group of nobodies but nowhere near the extremes. I still say the whole 2-party system is a case of Giant Douche v Turd Sandwich, but it looks like both the parties represented by my little experiment see the major party traditionally associated with their end of the political spectrum as being the lesser evil when compared to the weaker extremists.

This is interesting because the difficult part of the decision for me with this election has been twofold. Is Labor worse than Liberal, and are the smaller conservative parties worse than the major conservative parties?

So this seems to be the voting strategy suggested by the experiment:

In order:
Minor Parties I know I agree with
Minor Parties I’m not familiar with but my favourite party has preferenced highly and my least favourite has preferenced low
Unnamed Parties
Minor Parties I’m not familiar with but my favourite party has preferenced low and my least favourite has preferenced high
Minor Parties I know I disagree with

Although I may still put Labor last because of that odious little prick, Conroy.


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Painting advice? [Oct. 19th, 2009|07:46 am]
I have a tent which is very old and considerably ugly so I'm thinking of tarting it up by painting it. What sort of paint would work best on nylon? I'm thinking acrylic, but has anyone out there actually done something like this?
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2008|11:51 am]
 Test post . Back dating.
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Morris Iemma, you prick. [Jul. 2nd, 2008|11:01 pm]
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[Current Location |House of Pirates]

For those that have not heard, Sydney is about to be invaded by Catholics for "World" Youth Day. This is a minor annoyance for getting about in Sydney, and could mean things get really hectic at work. Philosophically I'm opposed to organised religion and politically I'm opposed to the Church's usual anti-gay stance but until last night, this event was pretty much just an excuse to wear my priest robes to Hellfire.

Last night I read about the new laws that have been introduced, essentially making it a crime to annoy or offend Catholics.

I shit you not. The media have dubbed them the "Thou shalt not offend" laws, and it essentially means the police (or even a member of the State Emergency Service or Rural Fire Service) can order you to desist from anything they consider to be "annoying or inconveniencing" to the people gathering for the World Youth Day events. Refuse to do so and you can be hit with a $5500 fine.

To put this in perspective, if I was to flash someone in public at any other time in Sydney I'd be looking at a fine of $1100. But during WYD I could be fined $5500 for just wearing an anti-catholic t-shirt or handing out free condoms.

Our Ratbastard Premier, Morris Iemma, is trying to downplay the significance of his little monstrosity of a piece of legislation.

"People have the right to protest; they can do so ... peacefully and lawfully," Iemma said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Right, Iemma, you prick - except you just made a law against it.

The Police Commisioner, Mr Scipione, has given us his assurance that these draconian police powers will only be used to clamp down on serious criminal offenders and not as a censorship of free speech and peacful protest. Oh, well, that's ok then. It's not like our Commisioner was ever anything but fair and even handed when it comes to things like censorship. I mean, here is a man who understands the role of the executive branch of law, who wouldn't appoint himself as arbitrator of what is or isn't offensive, and who would defend free artistic expression, isn't that right, Bill Hensen?

I would like to think that this will blow up in their faces. I hope that Australians are not so apathetic about their freedoms that they won't go and break these laws just for existing. So I've been thinking, WWCD? (What Would Chaser Do?)

Unfortunately I lack Chaser's film crews, gauranteed large audiences and imagination.  I'm sure they would do something very noticeable, very funny and which exposes these laws for the farce they are. I just wish I knew what. I'm open to suggestions, but here are a few of my ideas:

Have an offensive t-shirt under a cover. Charge people $1 each to look at it, with the promise that when I've raised $5500 for the fine I will wear it.

Hold a church-style fundraiser for the $5500 fine. A bake sale, home-made jam, some bric-a-brac or second hand clothes. Completely staffed by little white-haired ladies, of course.

Have an offensive placard covered by 5500 informational brochures about human rights and free speech. Or 5500 condoms. As people take them they gradually uncover the anti-catholic slogan.

Arrange 1100 people wearing contrasting clothes into a "human sign" spelling out an Anti-WYD message. They can't fine all of us. And even if they can, that works out at $5 each - affordable dissent!

In fact, forget being anti-catholic or anti-World Youth Day: Morris has shown us that we have a bigger enemy now; he should have had the foresight to make it illegal to annoy him. Bring on the "Fuck Iemma" t-shirts! (Although I'm sure those laws are on the books, and the thought police not far behind).

I have already seen these t-shirts advertised:

"$5500, a small price to pay to annoy Catholics"
"We close 300 roads so 300,000 can close their minds"
"Absinence makes the church grow fondlers"
"POPEC 08 - veni, vidi, vexi"
"Abstinence: it didn't work for the Virgin Mary"
"Is my freedom of speech annoying you?"

Any other creative suggestions greatly appreciated

Last but not least, a fitting youtube video:


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Pillow Fight Club [Mar. 20th, 2008|01:50 pm]
[Current Location |Work]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

The first rule of Pillow Fight Club: Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club.
The second rule of Pillow Fight Club...

Actually it seems the first rule was "Don't tell Anarquistador about Pillow Fight Club"!
I can't believe I only heard about this 2 days before the event, but there is an international flash-mob event this Saturday, 22 March, 13:00 - 16:00 at the steps of the Sydney Opera House. I can't get onto the website here at work so details are a little sketchy, but who wants to come?
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2008|04:45 pm]
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RIP ROCKY [Jan. 31st, 2008|09:56 am]
[Current Location |house of pirates]
[Current Mood |sentimental]

The time has long past for fancy words. All I have to say now is this:

The last EVER screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show with audience participation at Greater Union Cinemas, George St, Sydney

THIS Friday night. Doors open 11.15, Pre-show starts 11.30, Movie at Midnight

Starring yours truly as The Criminologist.

This is you LAST CHANCE to catch this little piece of cinema history. Cancel all other plans and come down. Bring your friends.
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Go out with a bang! [Jan. 10th, 2008|10:40 pm]
[Current Location |House of Pirates]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

The time has come. Sydney Rocky Horror is having one final affair at George St Greater Union Cinemas on Feb 1st.
Movie starts at Midnight. Doors open at 11.15pm and the pre-show starts at 11.30pm. Turn up, bring a virgin.
We couldn't save the show but we can give it a bloody good seeing off!
Many ex-cast members from former years will no doubt be there and this is YOUR LAST CHANCE to see the
Audience Participation Rocky Horror show in the cinema that has been its home for the better part of two decades.
This will be a cinema experience unlike any you've ever seen.
Hope to see you all there!
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Ask not what your Transylvanians can do for you... [Dec. 26th, 2007|01:19 am]
[Current Location |house of pirates]
[Current Mood |Antici..pative]

...but what you can do for your Transylvanians.

It is a dark day for counter-culture movements in Sydney - the Sword of Damocles is hanging over the head of one of the most unique cinema experiences in the world. The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Audience Participation is facing possible closure. Greater Union have given us until the end of January to get audience numbers up or they will no longer be able to play host to our rice-throwing, double-entendre-yelling antics.

For those of you who have been living like Brad and Janet in Denton-esque cultural isolation, you may ask: What on Earth is Rocky Horror Picture Show with Audience Participation?

Well, it's kind of hard to explain; but not as hard to explain as the enduring appeal of what even many of it's biggest fans admit is a pretty crap movie.

Years ago, before iPods, before mobile phones, even before Donkey Kong (don't pretend you don't remember!) A man wrote a musical, just a typical tale of boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl-to-insane-cross-dressing-scientist's-monster, boy-and-girl-do-the-time-warp-again. It was such a success, such a credit to his genius, such a triumph of his will, that it was eventually made into a Hollywood movie. The movie played to bewildered audiences across America who promptly forgot about it. Apart, that is, from the chosen ones who saw past it's cheap props and cheesy dialogue to embrace it's ethos of giving yourself over to absolute pleasure. The lucky few who understood what it truly means to "Don't dream it: Be it". They were the ones who loved the movie so much that they would watch it every Friday night at midnight, who would go to the cinema dressed as their favourite characters, who even began acting it out if front of the screen. Thus began one of the craziest cult followings of any movie ever. If you haven't seen Rocky with Audience Participation, you haven't seen Rocky! All over the world, and for the last 16 years in Sydney in particular, the Friday night insanity begins every time those giant red lips fill the screen, and audiences throw rice during weddings, shoot water pistols during rainy scenes, dance in the aisles and shout sexual innuendo and jokes between the dialogue.

Make no mistake: it would be a terrible shame if this phenomenon ended before you had your share of fun in the dark. So I am calling in all favours. Even if you owe me none. Even if I still owe you favours. This is a favour to yourself, to your city. I'm asking everyone I know to come down to Rocky and help us keep it going. Not only that, I'm asking everyone I know to ask everyone they know. Bring your friends. Bring your science teacher. Bring that guy whose number you pretended to have lost last time you awkwardly bumped into him on the street. Bring that girl at work that you secretly like but who keeps calling you "Gerald".

Here are the details:

George St Cinemas, Sydney. Just down from Town Hall Station

This Friday, 28 Dec.

Friday, 11 Jan,

or Friday, 25 Jan.

From about 10.30 pm

I would love to see you there.



...I mean Corvus.
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Santacon [Nov. 6th, 2007|12:36 pm]
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[Current Location |North Sydney]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

Santacon is coming!

If you've never been to a Santacon, you should check out the video at this link:


Yes, I am one of the 620 Santae in the video.

First person to find me wins a prize.

No, I haven't decided what the prize will be.

Santacon is like global-scale flashmobbing but everyone is dressed in Santa suits, running around and being incredibly silly, having an almost obscene amount of fun, singing naughty versions of Christmas carols, drinking and generally making a spectacle of themselves.

Sydney, indeed Australia as far as I'm aware, has NEVER had a Santacon. This will be remedied this year.

I don't know that many people in Sydney anymore so to make it really spectacular I'm going to need your help.

Sydneysiders, please turn up on 15 December, and bring your friends, beer money, and a Santa suit ($5 at The Reject Shop). For time and place - watch this space. We won't be advertising (we want to be a step ahead of the fun police) so people will mainly be told by word of mouth. If you're on Facebook, search for the event "Santacon Sydney '07".

Non-Sydneysiders, tell anyone you know in Sydney about this. I also highly recommend you find out if there is one near you and GO! You will be doing yourself a huge favour.

That's all for now.
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